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Northampton Mistresses - Lady Veronica

I am an English Mistress, interested in attracting gentlemen who feel privileged to worship a refined, elegant and sophisticated lady with a dark side to her.

I enjoy most fetishes and role play scenarios, together I want us to make them reality.

I want to meet intelligent, interesting men. I am a fun person too, I enjoy someone I can resonate with. When the time comes to be wicked I can be very mean. Think of me like the habit you want to give up but just can’t..the more you resist the stronger the urge. I am a powerful strong woman. Men are enchanted by my beauty. I have been told I have a very captivating and enticing aura, once entered you will feel trapped.

I Look and act very feminine in every way, I enjoy girlie things like having nails done, hair styled, wearing make up, classy skirts, dresses, shoes . If you do too I can encourage you to be whoever you want to be. I am a very persuasive person.

I believe a woman should be treated like a goddess, shopping sprees, holidays, gifts are just some things that women should indulge and be treated to by a man. I of course believe I deserve the best! I am particularly keen on a man who likes to put his hand in his pocket!



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