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Manchester Nanny Eva

Mistress Nyx is a highly versatile, skilled and creative Mistress in Manchester. Her 6-roomed chambers and ABDL nursery are quite probably the best equipped in the North. They are exceedingly private, particularly as she does not hire out her space to others. As well as being a genuine lifestyle dominatrix, she is also highly empathic and has an uncanny understanding of the human psyche, it's complex aspects, malfunctions and deviations from the 'norm'. Her BDSM specialisms include medical and rubber play, discipline/ cp; ultra-tease, feminisation/ sissification, as well as being an accomplished psychodramatist. This woman won't just touch you physically; she will elevate you psychologically, sexually, and spiritually.

Her second persona - Nanny Eva - is very skilled in the art of infantilism and caters to the very broad spectrum of clients who want: nurturing maternal regression / little space; humiliation- mild to extreme; public shame; very real role-play; sissification; discipline; and much more...

Being a role-play artisan she has other personae including Psycho-Bitch, Dr Disturbia and the disciplinarian / caning specialist Miss Ferula Thrash. Her repertoire and skills are limitless. A truly inspired innovator in the world of femdom.





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