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London Mistress - Miss Lilly

I am a goth, tall and strong Professional Dominatrix based in London, originally from Spain. 

I get pure enjoyment from dominating your whole self, mind and body. Domination is innate within Me. It is part of My identity. 

With 15 years of experience in the BDSM scene, I have acquired a great amount of skills and explored many kinks. I like to create real, deep and meaningful connections over time.

I am sadistic at heart but with a touch of sweetness. I like to surprise you with the unexpected...I switch from soft to hardcore, cruel to nurturing, I will hold your hand to support you through your most vulnerable moments. 

Charming, elegant and seductive. My enchanting eyes will captivate your soul. With long legs that will leave you gasping for air and squish you like a worthless worm. 

I love torturing your body, provoking you to the edge, and twisting your mind. It makes me wet and horny. You will do anything to please Me. You will release all control to Me.

I have an insatiable taste for latex, impact play, water sports, spitting, needles/blood play, mummification/heavy bondage, sensory play/deprivation, pet play, ball busting and fisting...amongst many other kinks. Check my website for further details. 

I can be strict, evil  and humiliating but always with a caring nature. I will make you feel at ease and surrender in no time to My orders, I will lure you into my world of femdom, filth and depravation, where I will create the experience you have been dreaming about.

Are you looking to fulfill a specific fantasy of yours, do you have a script in mind, the perfect scenario? 

Have you been thinking about a kink but you are too nervous to try? 

I will try to facilitate any kink you have, as long as it remains within my limits. 

There are no taboos in this house, I will free yourself from any shame. Respect My rules and boundaries, and let's have fun!

I welcome all genders, race and levels of experience. I thoroughly enjoy guiding new people into the world of BDSM. I help those with experience to explore their kinks to deeper and darker places. I will help you push your boundaries to new levels of pleasure.

Surrender to My power, kneel and submit!


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