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London Mistress - Cate McQueen

Do you desire domination? Crave correction? Have a kinky itch you just can't scratch? Are you curious about service and brave enough to explore submission with an experienced, elegant Mistress?

If so, a session with Cate McQueen is exactly what you require.

I am a London-based professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. I've been Dominant my whole life; it is as natural to me as breathing. Your fantasies are my reality, I am open-minded and nothing you seek will shock me. My luxurious lifestyle and legion of admirers are a testament to my power, glamour and unique abilities.

I love to create bespoke sessions and for my devotees to experience me in a variety of forms. To some, I am their demanding boss or strict headmistress. Others meet with a fierce, latex-clad bitch whose only interest is making them suffer. The truly deserving are granted the privilege of worshipping me as their Goddess.

If you enjoy intense scenarios we can meet in one of the many fully-equipped dungeons I use for my wicked purposes. If decadence appeals you may serve me in the opulent surroundings of a hotel or apartment. Always stuck in the office? Your last meeting of the day can be the one that breaks you. I can join you anywhere but my travel, like my services, must be first class.

I take particular delight in inducting newbies into my world. It is natural to feel apprehensive in the presence of your superior but I am skilled in putting you at ease and leading you into a richer, deeper, more devoted place. If you are an experienced submissive, let me put you to the test.

Approach with respect by emailing: [email protected] and if you are deemed worthy, you will experience greater pleasure than you could imagine.



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