London Mistresses – Miss Kim Rub

I’m the Queen Bee 🐝

London, England

#LondonMistresses – Mistress Chatterley

domination # sensual sadist and so much more

London , W1

#LondonMistresses – Mistress Paris


I’m beautiful and composed when I’m ready; when it is the right time.  A lady and a naughty girl in the bedroom – but I have a dark side. Ask yourself what is a lady who falls under the sign of Gemini like. Now ask yourself if you’d like to meet my twin; the prevalent, the mistress who resides deep within but loves to rear her graceful dominant head at any given opportunity – but will you allow your kinks to surface and explore subordination..

London Mistress Katarina


I’m a young Pro Dominatrix working mainly in London who enjoys teasing you into submission and using you as a sexy plaything. I love getting very kinky and enjoying role plays and other things you may not get with most other girls.

London Mistresses – Countess Steel


To be granted an audience with me I expect no less than either a reference from your last Mistress or a cash deposit to hold and secure the session. You are expected to be prompt and let me know in good time if you cannot make the session. Deposits are non refundable. Do not think you are indispensable and that your previous Mistress will be upset that you are changing allegiances, she will not. You may politely email me with an initial enquiry with a brief description of your interests and limits. I take calls between 10am-5pm on 07887 817740 but I will NOT enter into lengthy discussions about sessions over the phone.

Should you be lucky enough to find that I am available for a same day booking, I require confirmation before 12 noon including a deposit and / or a reference. Sessions are conducted either in a domestic setting or a dungeon within the west end. I do not offer sexual services, I am a Professional Dominatrix unattainable to you and will never be within your grasp. I am to be adored and worshipped but never owned.


London Mistresses – Mistress Helena


Having been a lifestyle Mistress for several years she is the ultimate you need to seek and submit to. Experienced in most aspects of BDSM play, London Mistress Helena will create what you should be! The only limit is your imagination.