London Mistress Sadie W2



A cruel adventuress wishes to take you to the depths of the darkest desire – do not deny either of us. Consider me a true English Domme who loves nothing more than a sub at her heel, in her shadow and ultimately under her control. Let the games begin, why don’t you?

I am central London based (W2) but am primarily a travelling Mistress with some lovely equipment – dare you ask Pandora to open the box?

I also offer Dinner & Dominance – a chance to break or make the ice over dinner; whereby you will surely get your just desserts…

Some of my favourite pastimes & games inc:
Medical/experimentation inc: catheterisation, breathe play, needles, Genital correction/cock pumping/sounds…
Asphyxia/breathe play
CBT – all forms
Chains & bondage
Domestic servitude
Double Domination
Electrics – violet wand & tens
Face slapping
Financial domination
Foot/shoe/stocking fetish & worship
Forced Bi
Genital correction/cock pumping
Golden Showers
Human furniture/ depersonalisation
Humiliation & degradation
Mind control/psyche play
Orgasm denial
Puppy/ Dog play
Queening/ facesitting
Role play & scripts
Sensory deprivation
Sports/personal trainer
Tie and tease
Vintage scenarios
Double domination with Miss Davenshaw & Mistress Litha

The Look – Mistress:
My skin is of a soft subtle yellow hue, my features European, my hair long and raven but mostly worn up. I am tall, (6’3 in my killer heels) sophisticated and slim with a very long neck and prominent collar bones. Well-toned, I possess prowess, presence and poise and have been an excellent sportswoman in the past. A classic air about my person, my accent is cut glass English/RP. I am frequently told that I look evil, stern and/or unapproachable -a true ice Queen- some people are just born with it I suppose.

The Sub/Slave/Masochist/Fetishist
I am interested in meeting a Sub/Slave/Masochist/Fetishist who wants to be crafted, moulded and exacted to my standards, to be put through my system; showing my love through punishment and taking the psyche to the very edge, testing standards and exploring boundaries and limits: all of which are within my agenda.

Take the fist step and enquire – you may regret it but let me convince you it will be for the best – trust me.

Cruel Love,

Ms Sadie

07576 534 293

London Mistress Akella

+44 (0) 7910 – 658 – 087

The Leather Mistress

leather-mistress-London Mistress Domatella is THE London Leather Mistress!

To be allowed to feel My power on you, with my soft skin encased in this gorgeous leather catsuit, check my website, For details on how to best approach Me.

I adore leather and I adore spanking naughty boys, slaves and bad subs when wearing this fantastic catsuit. Would you love to feel Me brush against you?

Call. Don’t delay. I get even more angry if kept waiting.

Mistress Fabula has fabulous legs!

You will want to worship these beautiful legs and feet.

Crawl on the floor and beg to be allowed to kiss, caress and lick.

How far will I let you go? Are you worthy? Submit to my gorgeous feet to see!

Whether in stockings, or bare-footed with soft, storable skin, I have the legs you dream of adoring!

A large selection of gorgeous shoes and boots to make your heart skip hundreds of beats!

call 07779 594532 email  for booking.Mistress-Fabula-gorgeous-legsMistress-Fabula-bare-legs-worship-London-Mistress Mistress-Fabula-gorgeous-legsMistress-Fabula-Boots-London-MistressMistress-Fabula-Boots-London-Mistress

Mistress Fabula London Mistress

Brighton Mistresses – Domina V


My name is DOMINA V. I am a Professional Australian Dominatrix currently based in Brighton on the South coast of England.
I enjoy all forms of play, from mild to extreme. I am happy to see those who are new to this lifestyle. I offer training for new slaves, submissive’s, sissies and cross dressers.
I also enjoy playing with those with experience and who would like to have their limits pushed. ALL play is under a Safe Sane and consensual manner.

Please contact me via my website.