South Birmingham Mistresses – Madame Rubber

I am a mature and highly experienced dominatrix who also specialises in rubber fetish. Let me take you in hand and lead you on your journey in to fetishism and submission. I can promise you an experience that no mere girl could ever deliver. With my skills honed on many submissives and my confident and matronly presence you are assured of a rollercoaster thrill ride.

London Mistress Allure has a brand new spanking Gallery

Mistress Allure uses the title of Goddess for good reason as She particularly enjoys training men in obedience and divine worship. I am highly Hypnotic in execution and a true artist of rhythm, tone and pressure I am refined and yet still wickedly playful. Before you cower before me, heart, mind, and body seduced into the most compelling act of devotion and submission that you will make you should know a little bit about me. As a natural Domina, I am fortunate enough to do what I love: to play, live and to work at what I do best. Educated, intelligent and articulate I am highly cerebral, and therefore more than capable in the manipulation of your mind and body into my netherworld of female domination. I have an intimate understanding of the dynamics of power inter-play, being highly creative and inventive within my domain where I rule supremely, weaving treacherous fantasies around the expression and limits of your scene. A pleasure advocate through the intricate channels of pain. I expect my beloved subs absolute worship, devotion and reverance as you learn the arts of My Authority. Wearing my whip and pain marks upon your skin is indeed a most sacred priviledge – that you must earn the right to through adhearance to my twisted rights. Do you dare follow down the dark and winding path of my dark and twisted imagination….? Beautiful, statuesque, leggy and alluring…..