Diana Mistress London


You will be amazed at what Diana Mistress  is capable of. Many have been fooled by her slim petite physique only to be whipped back into reality by this dominatrix who’s darker side will get your blood bubbling.

Already a qualified dominatrix & mistress in London, this European blonde will have you begging for more or if you want, will beg you for more. Either way, this is an experience you will never forget but will have you coming back for more. She may look it but the last thing she is shy. She will even let you bring your camera along, if you ask nicely of course.


Mistress Argenta of Scotland


Highly experienced and sadistically skilled…accept no imitations!



Manchester Mistress Fay



I am a sadomasochist switch (Submissive and Dominant),
who takes great pleasure in both mine, and yours, humiliation,
degradation and suffering.
I am a most loyal submissive; I can take you to places you have only ever dreamt of. Don’t be fooled however, I do have a very, very wicked side to me.
I can give you my full submission, my loyalty and my devotion; but if you are weak, I will forcibly take it from you instead.
I will take us into the darkest recesses of the mind,
explore our deepest fantasies and take us onto our journey of submission and domination.

I crave you playing with my body, mind and soul.

Regardless of whether you’re experienced or inexperienced in the role of a Domme/Sub I believe it is of great importance to build a trusting relationship between the Domme and Sub, so it can be beneficial to us both to talk a little about our wants and desires. With that in mind please feel free to email me at



West Midlands Mistresses – Miss Julia Taylor


 Miss Taylor enjoys nothing more than being the centre of your world, and will merrily and confidently lead you through your most deviant of desires. There is most certainly no “one size fits all” approach with this ultimately experienced Femme Fatal. Each and every session,both live & online, is built around your personal fetishes & fantasies.


Care to be under my heel?

_MG_3996_1I have recently been described as a ‘most venerated saintly demon and above all a sadistic bitch!’  Come along, indulge your fantasies and see for yourself!

Highly experienced and sadistically skilled!