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Brighton/Gatwick Mistress Cat

I am a tall, elegant real-time only Dominatrix. I have a quiet, calm voice. Even when I am spitting orders I can't help but be polite about it. This is one of many things that you will find makes me different from other dommes. I will not waste energy with overt levels of loud aggressive behaviour. I am far more elegant & subtle. A whispered threat is no less intimidating when you are restrained. Very intelligent, assured & cool demeanour, I will lull you into false sense of security in no time at all. I am the nicest bitch you could ever meet, that is how I have been described in the past. My deliciously cruel smile is my trademark. It gives away how happy I am when we play, when I hurt you. 6ft in heels I am statuesque. Slim and curvaceous. Intimidating without even trying.

Submitting and handing me control of your body and mind can be freeing in the extreme. We can play lightly or go hard and heavy depending on your state of mind at the time. I am very conscientious in my role. You're safety & well-being is paramount to me. I will never risk your body or mind. But I will find its respective limits. I am very hygienic and use surgical grade cleaning products on my wide range of toys and equipment.

Time with me, will put you very much in the here and now. All other worries will have to wait outside. Your brain will be in survival mode while locked in a room with me.
A session can be arranged in my well equipped dungeon, or off site. Read the information provided on my website, do your research. Find the right domme for you and you will have the best day of your fucking life!

I enjoy fetishes such as; cbt, all forms of whipping, electro play, sissyfication, medfet, roleplays, caning to name but a few.


Call / Whatsapp: 07768 605534

Email: catriona_LB@protonmail.com

(All sensible enquiries are answered in person, by me. No admin slaves here!)



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