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London Mistresses W2 - Madam Helle

Welcome to the world of Madam Helle, severe but fair, loved and feared, Venus from Venice. Submissive souls, servants and slaves will feel at home locked into Madam’s world of pain and pleasure, taking them deep into blissful subspace.

Elegance and sophistication combined with Madam’s divine figure will immediately command obedience and bring all supplicants to their knees, where Madam likes them to be until told otherwise! Madam’s extensive experience will bring Her expertise down upon any individual brave enough to experience Her world of BDSM. Madam expects perfection and strict adherence to all rules and protocols at all times, which will feel natural and correct under Her guidance. She unlocks Her supplicants’ potential and lock in any resistance until training is complete and all expectations have been shattered.

Madam is always in charge in Her playground of pleasure and pain, and subordinates will feel Her passion and power coursing through their submissive bodies like electroshock punishment. Her passion will leave those who have been trained in a state of bliss, locking them into a state of devotion, obedience and loyalty, yearning to serve once more. Sessions with Madam are extremely kinky and intense, and will leave those who have experienced them enraptured and willing in Her presence.

Contact Madam immediately to begin training, and mind your manners: proper protocol is required at all times when contacting Madam, communicating with Madam, or meeting Madam!


Before contacting Madame Helle by e-mail She strongly recommends that you read the information on Her website where you can admire her photos and previous experiences.

When you email Madam Helle you must clearly identify your interests and fetishes.

Those who are rude and disrespectful will be ignored and blocked.

Madam Helle usually does not take reservations for the same day, and a minimum of 24 hours notice is required.

Madam Helle ensures that all correspondence is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality and responded within 48 hours.




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