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Lady Penny Black - NorthWest

Firstly I consider myself a lifestyle mistress, and it has been my lifestyle that has lead me into being a professional mistress. I see my role as a pro dome as a way to indulge my fantasies and feed my own personal desires.

I do not profess to have done it all or know it all. I am constantly learning and developing new skills and discovering new areas of interest.
All areas of the bdsm and fetish interest me. I obviously have a few favourites; these include forced feminisation, tie and tease, body worship, strap on’s, bondage, cp, adult baby minding, anal training, chastity and breath play, rubber. I could go on but as I am sure you can see I have eclectic tastes.

I also adore the attention of slaves. I am very demanding and like to explore ways to push my slaves to their limits. Slave sessions are a particular favourite of mine, with sissy slaves being of particular interest to me. I see the submission of a slave as an honour not a rite. In return I expect complete devotion within a session.

I don’t consider myself as a harsh or sadistic mistress. I like to hold quiet, calm, sensuous sessions. Some confuse this with a lack of dominance but I can assure you this is not the case. The full force of my wicked and sometimes cruel nature will surprise you and often take hold of you when you are at your most relaxed and vulnerable.

I believe it is important to develop an understanding of each of my clients and their needs. I will never agree to a session without first discussing your expectations and past experiences. I am always happy to talk to new/prospective clients and would encourage anyone contemplating a booking to email me or phone. The more I know, the better and more fulfilling a session will be for both of us.
I will not take you on as a client if I don’t believe I am able to deliver the service you need.

Contacting me

The best and quickest way to make contact, is to phone me. While I try my best to aswer all calls, this is not always possible. I will never return calls, unless you leave a voice or text message expressing a wish for me to do so.
Alternatively you can email me. Please be aware I will not answer one liners.
I am more than happy to answer sensible inquiries, I do however to refuse to enter into lengthy correspondence.
Feel free to choose the style of address that you feel most comfortable with. Lady Penny, Mistress Penny, Lady, mistress or even Penny are all perfectly acceptable.

I opperate from two very different locations. I can offer a dungeon setting, where I have all the usuall equipment you would expect to find.
Alternatively I am able to offer more relaxed/domestic sessions in a smart new apartment.
My new stone walled Chambers are just 5mins off the A55. North Wales


Email: miss-penny@hotmail.com

Tel No: 0754 689 1309



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